Doomed from the start

I do credit card escalations for a major bank and these are 2 of my big pet peeves right at the gate. One is when I ask someone how I can help them and they don’t know what I just asked. Bitch you called and it’s the first question I gave you after your name, wtf do you think I could have said??? I just opened the call, obviously I need to know what you are calling me to whine about. WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT!?!

My other favorite is when I say “I have your XYZ type of acct here” and they think I’m asking them for their credit card/account #. It’s immediately with the, “my card#? One sec…..” No dude, listen to me as I’m talking. I hate ppl who don’t listen. Drives me absolutely batty.

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Jesus, what part of “Final Sale” do you not understand???

Customer thinks that by threatening to give me a bad review, I’m going to suddenly give him a solution