What she said "My husband is a cop, so watch it or things could go pretty badly for you." What she should have said "nothing."

I worked at “Scam Home Warranty” in the authorizations department a few years ago. I determine if a repair is or isn’t covered and have 16 pages of contract to pull denials. Sometimes, the worst thing a customer can ever do is talk to Auth. This is another one of those stories.

Call comes in. Customer tells me her tech is outside. She gives me the claim number but then decides to….keep talking.

Cust: “Ok here he is, how long will this take he’s very busy and has been waiting for you guys for half an hour.”

Me: “Need to get the diagnosis from the tech.”

Cust: “My husband is a cop, so watch it or things could go pretty badly for you.”

Me: “Ok, go ahead with the badge number.”

Cust: “Oh wouldn’t you want to know!”

Me: “Assuming he’s a local cop then. Ok using your policy and address, looks like he’s an Officer SoandSo with the _________town police department then?”

Cust: “I don’t know what you’re talking about hon.”

Me: “All calls are monitored and recorded. Making a threat on a recorded line is unfortunately against the policy per F18, any threats to SHW or SHW technicians or SHW representatives will result in the immediate cancelation of the policy with no refund due.

Cust: “Ahem, I don’t remember making any threats so drop it buddy.”

Me: “Attempting to use one’s official title to gain preferential treatment for oneself or family is the textbook definition of police misconduct and abuse of power and conduct unbecoming-“

Tech: “Jesus fcking Christ I’ve never heard so much horseshit over a fcking capacitor!”

Me: “Capacitor?”

Tech: “Yes, dual cap. 50 parts, 50 labor.”

Me: “Alright then.”

Cust: “Don’t you try and screw me, I know my policy you are gonna try and give me the wrong price.”

Me: “Correct, since this is not an NTIA claim, you are being reimbursed at SHW rates.”

Cust: “Which are!?”

Me: “SHW cost on a dual cap is 150 your service call fee is 45 your reimbursement would be $105 pending a paid invoice received by authorizations.”

Cust: “Oh.”

Me: “Thank you for calling SHW, have a nice d-“

Cust: “No you don’t!! What’s our authorization number??”

Me: “Already emailed to the email on file.”

distinct ding can be heard on the line


Epilogue: in all 14 fields required on the diagnostic I just typed “pending cust paid invoice” and threw in cust reimbursed at SHW rates $105 total – auth #####

Just wanted to prove her wrong more than try and deny such a cheap claim honestly.

​If you or someone you know has a home warranty and you wanna talk about it or something, let me know I’m happy to help you in any way I can. We denied 70% of claims, they can afford to cover one claim once in a while.

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