So I got thrown under the bus for asking questions during training

So I’ve been in tears all morning. I just started this job two weeks ago on Aug. 31. I was excited because it’s not tech support (something that has sucked out my soul). I’m taking messages for people via an answering service for doctor offices, lawyers after hours. Things like that.

So it’s all virtual. The actual office is in another city five hours away. So it’s not like I report to anyone.

Anyway, so two weeks of boring training through the headset and power points all while being at home. Which I’m not a fan of, TBH, but it’s all I can find during these covid times.

So yesterday, Monday is our first day on the phones. We’re communicating to the trainer through a team chat. She says, if we ask her questions she will help us by screen sharing, etc. Ok, so all is good. I get through my day.

Today we have the morning for more training on accounts. These ones are considered”level 2″ and are tougher. So after every account the trainer keeps saying “did you get that Cindy? I know you were having difficulty yesterday.” …. Not kidding EVERY account we went over, even if I didn’t ask a question. Arbonne point she even said “what was it you were so confused about Cindy?” What?!!Every account is different!!! Then she would add “don’t let those callers intimidate you Cindy.”

At one point the trainer stepped away for 3 whole minutes and while she did that another agent came on the line and asked “Did you really have that much trouble, Cindy?” (Again, all through headsets and I don’t even know this nosy ass agent) I responded, “she’s making it worse than it is.”

Once again, let me reiterate… Yesterday was DAY ONE of phone calls. I’m not off training til next week. The trainer even went thru a list of names and said “I never heard from John, Bill or Paul. You can tell they have experience!” Why? Because they didn’t ask questions? I have 6 years call center experience and a college degree so she can go right to hell. (Don’t ask why im doing this line of work with a degree… Long story)

So then the trainer tells us she’s “setting” us up to take calls and some we’re ready for level 2 and some are not. She said she has to “code people” for it. So… She left me on a slower que? WTF ? I’ve been getting one call every 15 minutes or so.

So now I’ve got it in my head that I’m getting fired. Guys, I did not do anything wrong with an account, so I don’t need this hand holding. I just asked questions because it’s all new!! Like, wut ???

Then that same nosy agent keeps writing me over the chat “are you feeling confident today Cindy?” I won’t write back. I won’t ask anything until spoken to.

I feel singled out big time. If I didn’t have a husband or a baby, I think I would have just quit on the lunch break and wrote a nasty email. I guess I’d rather do something right with a Dr account than fuck it up, but whatever.

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