Ma’am, this is a supermarket

This was one of the weirdest calls ever.

I worked at a customer help (more like bitch) line for a huge supermarket chain. One night, as we’re close to closing, i get a call. It’s a pissed off woman. The first thing I have to ask is their name and location of their store. She ignored that and started telling me to stay away from her husband. She knew what I was doing apparently, and I wouldn’t get away with it.

She went on and on about how she knew I was sleeping with him (she said she was in NY and I’m definitely not) and that I needed to stay the hell away from him. She called me a prostitute (she liked that word) multiple times and insulted me as I tried to bring her back to her grievance with our store.

She was clearly mentally disturbed; I could tell by her voice it wasn’t a prank. I wanted to hang up but since every once and while she talked about our store, I couldn’t. Over and over I was berated for being a cheap whore. Eventually the call ended.

Was that it? Nah. Within an hour she called again… and I GOT HER. These are randomized calls every time, so the likelihood of that is small in such a large center. Plus, when you call, you’ve got a long list of options before you even connect to someone. She went through long annoying options menus TWICE to call a random person a prostitute for doing her husband.

I’ll never forget that lady and while i was laughing the whole time at the absurdity of it, I hope she got some help… or became an actress because DAMN what a performance.

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