If You Can’t Give Me What I Need, You Can Just Hang UP

I work for an answering service. Long story short, you know how you call the doctor late at night? Someone says they’ll call the doctor and the doctor calls you? I do that with many types of companies.

This woman calls in, absolutley irritated. She is upset I need her name, company she works for, and a call back number. Apparently she has been playing phone tag with the owner. Now I could transfer her through no problem. If I did not get the information required, I would get coached on my mistakes.

After about five minutes, she gave me everything except her company. She would not budge on this and gave me Toys R Us and other company names that would have no reason to call this company. I had been extremely patient with her up to this point. At a certain point though, I just let me shine through.

“Ma’am, if you can’t cooperate with me and give me your company name, I cannot transfer you.”

I know. I know what I did. But I like adding fuel to the fire at times. This woman loses it saying how she will not tell me who she works for. I let her rant for a few seconds before interrupting her.

“Well since you won’t tell me who you work for, I cannot transfer you through. You have a wonderful day ma’am.”

I hung up and went on to the next call. I’m spiteful so I hope she did not get what she needed.

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