“I want to speak to the president of the company!”

Am I the only one who gets these callers? Every couple of months I’ll get a customer who reminds me that a lot of people think the world revolves around them.

These people really think they are important enough to get to talk to the ceo/president of the company? Heck, they don’t know who either of us are and I’d bet they don’t give a rats behind either! Yet I get serious inquires to speak with the head of the company so often.

I work for a enormous billion dollar company.. if you think the president of it all is going to take time to call you back about your services that you spend less then 100 dollars on a month and still can’t even pay that on time? You have a few screws lose!

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I think everyone here will identify with these

I volunteered to take a special project….was I nuts??