How could you ask that question?

Writing this from mobile, sorry for formatting issues. I work for a large online/retail store. Part of the products sold is pet medication. My calls are the tier 2 escalated calls that the front line agents couldn’t resolve.

Anyway, onto my story. Customer placed an order for a pet pain medication. She was told it would be 5 business days shipping. She placed EOD on a Wednesday and called every day to inquire on shipping. She expected it to deliver by Monday. Other agents advised the status as it was being processed through each department. Which fooled her into thinking it would be shipped faster.

As a sidebar: When it comes to a complex order like a medication it is so varied. Honestly I always tell people they get 5-7 business days for order processing and another 5-7 days once shipped to arrive. It can process faster but it’s based on the vet approval of the rx, pharmacy completing and processing the order, warehouse packing, and then picked up by the shipping company. In an ideal world you would get the order about 10 business days after placing it.

Back to my story. She called at least 6+ separate times before getting me, the 7th. The customer stated that someone along the way told her she would get the package within 5 days (wrong) of placing it and she only has one day of meds left. Her puppy was hurting and it made her upset. Now she is crying on the phone. She wanted to know what I wanted her to do. She asked me if I just wanted to “have me kill myself rather than watch my baby suffer.”

This is the first for me, I’ve been working in call centers for 10+ years. I’ve been called every name in the book… and then some. I’ve been proposed to, asked what shoes I was wearing, if I had as sexy. Voice as it sounded like, called an idiot with a robot voice… the list goes on. But this is the first time I’ve dealt with someone threatening suicide over an order that wasn’t even technically late yet. It floored me, honestly.

I was able to deescalate her and explained shipping vs processing and apologized for misinformation. In the end she wasn’t crying anymore but I still hit me in the feels…

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