Despise is a strong word

So, bit of background – I work in a call centre dealing with different type of orders; gifts etc. I’ve never spoken to the IT department, I mean obviously we have them but my job is to just place an order with a customer or deal with a complaint. I can also change a password – but I can’t send password resets. I’ve only worked here for a short time so I’m still getting calls where I haven’t dealt with the situation before.

I had a “lovely” gentleman today with a complaint about the website.

Me: You’re through to insert name of company how can I help?

Cust: my name is generic white guy name and account number 123456. I have to say I really despise your website. Logging in doesn’t work, resetting passwords doesn’t work. I use the same password for years. The website is just awful and I hate it.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, what I can do is change the password for you so that you can log in and set your own. Have you also tried logging in with the account number? Sometimes tends to be easier. (This is something a team leader has suggested, I don’t know why it’s easier compared to an email)

Cust: THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH I shouldn’t have to make it easier for myself YOU should do that. I WANT YOU TO CHANGE IT

Me: apologises again as I said I can change the password but unfortunately I am not in charge of the websites so I can’t change anything on that side.

(He then places an order over the phone with me)

Cust: I’ve just found this on your website after logging in with what you gave me, and I’d like to add this but I hate your website and can’t find the code rants for 10 minutes whilst I find what he wants and then adds it OH I BLOODY HATE THIS JUST DO MY ORDER AND THEN TELL THE IT PEOPLE TO CHANGE THE WEBSITE yells his details at me and hangs up

I have to say, I don’t know what I could have done considering we don’t have a transfer line for IT. I fed it back through the system but I highly doubt anyone’s going to change the whole entire website for one person.

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