You let someone access my account without my password.

Many moons ago in the Early 2000’s I worked in a Call Center that provided support for a US wireless carrier. One day a customer called upset that we gave someone access to their account. He said I have a password on it. Then if an account is verified you got access. So I asked him his password. It was beyond simple. Not the exact password I forget it, but lets just say it was “easy1”. After giving to me, He was it is the name of the fraternity I was in during college, but with the number 1 after it. I had to inform him that was a terrible password. Told him if they know you, they can possibly guess the name of the fraternity you went too. He was well I got a number 1 after it. I had to explain. This is still terrible and it should be a more of a random password. Something that people would not guess by researching you just a little. He was pretty reasonable and I helped him to create one. He did much better. Enough so. I told him that if you forget it. You need to go to a Store with ID to have it changed if he forgets. Not too dramatic but had to explain that putting a number after a word is not very secure especially the number 1.

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