You had me there at the start

Much like everyone posting here, authentication is pretty important. Where I work we do often deal with social engineering attempts to gain access to accounts so we do take this rather seriously. This is a call I had a few months ago, the first I’ve had take this approach and definitely gave me a giggle.

Names and nature of the request has been changed for privacy concerns.

Caller = Jon

Me: Hi there you’ve reached [Company Name] Support, you’re speaking with Inf3ctedWorm, how are you going there today?

Jon: Hi Inf3ctedWorm, Jon here from [Their Company]. I’m just calling in regards to the pricing on our account and what we can use for our business?

Me: Well it’s nice to meet you there Jon and I can definitely go over that with you. First of all though I will need to pull up your account here so will just need a few details from you and to go over some security questions. First of all can you let me know the name of the business?

*Queue standard auth process etc*
Me: Okay so I don’t have a name listed here that matches yours Jon, I will be able to help out here generally but we just won’t be able to talk about this account specifically.

Jon: Ahh, okay it was my wife that set this all up, the name is Stace Nameson.

Me: Okay I still can’t disclose what I have on file here as your name doesn’t match, but that’s okay. Is Stace around today? If you could pop her on the phone I can ask some security questions with here and get all cleared to discuss anything you like?

Jon: Yeah sure thing, just a sec I’ll grab her!

Jon: (Hey Stace, come here!)

*Rustling of phone ensues*

Jon: *In a high pitched voice* Helloooo, this is Stace, Jon is my husband

At this point I’ve already lost it, the mute button has betrayed me and I was so unprepared.

Me: *Stifling giggles* Well it’s nice to meet you there Stace, how are you going today?

Jon: *Still in character* I’m okay, I’m sick though. That’s why my voice is off.

Me: Okay well what we can do here is just talk generally about plans as they are the same across the board. I can still help out here Jon but I will recommend that you have a chat with Stace later and get her to set you up an account.

We finished out the call generally and it was all good. I had no idea how to react or what to even say in the moment. Neither of us even brought it up and just pretended it never happend. But yeah, that was my favorite nearly auth call I’ve had 🙂

Has anyone else had anything similar that’s worth a laugh?

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