I got fired because of a rude costumer

Hey, i have been here reading you all for a while, actually the script i used to end this call was from a post while ago. I have my fair share of weird and funny calls but this one seems to be the chosen one. I worked for a rental car company, it was a bad one and i knew from the begining that it would be a problem cause i am too sensitive. For context, this company don’t let you ever close a call, you can’t put a costumer on hold to calm down, You can’t escalate the call with a supervisor, you can’t stay silent until they hung up or you would get fired. I knew it but i wasnt okay with that, anyways, i worked for them for a while but it sucked and i tried to quit a few times but they promised that at least we would be able to Transfer to a supervisor if the costumers were being unprofessional.

So this call happened. Me is me and C is costumer.

Me: Hi thank you for calling Company, my name is Diegersii and im going to be your rental advisor, how can i help you today?

C:Thats your name? Thats a stupid name

At this point i didnt know how to answer that and i knew it wouldnt be an easy call.

C:Anyways, i want to know ay what time do you close and what’s the latest i can pick the car without extra charges.

The costumer was trying to reach the location but because of the pandemic we only had one employee pero location so when the location is busy they transfer the costumer directly to the national line.

Me:Sure, i would be happy to help you with that, can you just tell me what is the location you are trying to reach?

C:What do you mean? I’m calling you, are you stupid?

Me:I’m sorry, sir, this is the national line, the location at the moment is busy but i can help you with this, can you just tell me what is the location?

The costumer started to give numbers that i recognized as a profile number and i put it just to see who he is, but i can’t see anything else from it, only costumers can see information about past rentals

Me:I have your profile open now, how can i help you with this?

C:Do you want me to make your job for you? Open my reservation!

Me: I apologize, sir, but in order for us to be able to find your reservation we need you to provide us with the confirmation number.

C: I gave you my profile look it up with that, i don’t have the number on hand

Me:Don’t worry, we can find your reservation with the pick up date, pick up location and your phone number, im sorry but i can’t find your past rentals in your profile, thats something that only you can see.

C:This is so stupid, just tell me at what time can i pick the vehicle up.

Me: I’m sorry but im going to need your reservation to give you an answer.

At this point i can hear him telling other people “this fucking beaners” and i got a little bit mad cause i was just trying to help him. I just don’t tolerante racism, i had enough of that in the past month and it took all of me to not yell back at them.

C: Just pull the damn reservation from my profile, kid

Me: I can’t do that sir

C: They have done that in the past.

Me: Do you remember if you got transfered to another department for that?, i can’t do it with my system.

C: OMG, are you stupid? Didn’t You finish school? Why don’t you learn proper English? You fucking beaner, i can’t even understand what youre talking about, you sound so fucking stupid, why are you working in america if youre this useless?

And by that i got angry, i knew that if i closed the call i would get fired but i didnt care anymore.

Me: I’m sorry you feel that way, sir, i did everything i could to help you, im going to disconnect this call now, thank you for calling Company and have a nice day.

A week after i got fired and i feel like i should be ashamed for being this sensitive over stupid people but i feel happy, i should have done that before. Anyways, i just wanted to share, tell me what you think or if you had something like that happened to you.

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