Don’t want to talk to me? Ok!

This was a few years ago. After about a year of being on phones in a call center, I found myself on the escalations team. In our center, escalations are transferred to this team, and managers only take them if escalating higher.

After about 2-3 weeks of taking escalations, I got my first “screamer.” Agent told me “sorry man, she wouldn’t even give me her name, she just started screaming.” I’d heard that before, but they always were nicer once talking to somebody they mistakenly thought had more power, so I confidently had him transfer her over.

“My name is fhornofvalere, and I’m a manager at Online Retailer. I was told you asked to speak to a manager?”

Caller: [unintelligible high pitched screaming]

Me: “I’m so sorry for whatever is going on, but I’m here to help. Could I get your name?”

Caller: “NO, I WON’T GIVE MY NAME” [more screaming]

Me: “Ok, again I am really sorry for whatever has happened. Do you have an order number I could reference so I can help you?”

Caller: [More screaming]

This went on for a little while longer, and my peers started to notice as they could hear her screaming from my headset.

After trying a few times, she said “I don’t want to talk to you, BOY.”

Me: “OK.” Then I obliged by hanging up, for the first and only time ever.

Aftermath: I wrote my manager a novel since she’d likely hear about it. She listened to all 5 of her calls that day and pieces together that a stupid sales agent asked for her order number repeatedly when she clearly was asking for help to place a new order (odd since sales doesn’t even use order numbers, at all.) turns out her dad died the day before, and she was calm for the final agent who was not a boy.

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