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So, recently had to go through ANOTHER round of cyber security awareness training (I’ve done this course twice before this one and I’ve been here since April). So it’s pretty fresh in my mind.

Get a call from an “Equifax” employee, asking for details about an account to clear up some issues. Uh, no? First of all, I don’t care if you’re god himself, I’m not releasing acct information to you unless I have authorization. Second of all, you’re calling about credit cards, but you’re calling from another line of business entirely (it was an installment loan department, don’t wanna be to specific). 3rd, even if I do believe you’re equifax, one of them recently fucked me by using the phrase “unreport”, and you still wouldn’t be authorized. So no, you can’t ask for details about a mutual clients account. You can go fuck yourself for all I care.

I politely inform them “Federal law requires authorization for me to discuss the acct with you, and state law prevents me from just using verbal authorization, so I cannot give you any details”. I was hoping that they’d get the point.

The CM was on the back line! Well lookie there. That’s convenient huh? So the CM comes on. I verify him in multiple ways, and he wants to talk to me over the phone with Equifax on the line. Read him the disclosure and we get into the nitty gritty. He doesn’t want information, he wants to fix his credit issue. Holy shit, it was actually Equifax calling.

He paid off the card, was wondering why he had a balance. We go into it, find out why (paid balance, two purchases weren’t accounted for). He’s handling it quite well. A lot of the issues on his account were infuriating and difficult calls with other people, he took it in stride. He asks for a courtesy adjustment on late fees, I provide it because… well, he’s being courteous. First person who said “I didn’t get my statement” and then said “oh, well, that’s on me” when informed that it was electronic letter delivery. And he knew what email it was sent to. Like, who the fuck is this goddamn champion?

As I’m doing that, he gets into a spat with Equifax. I wasn’t paying attention, but he got extremely angry with them. Like, angrier than when I warned him about interest on the acct that may still pop on his cycle date (I paid before the cycle date, yadda yadda, logical argument against bank policy that won’t change the policy). That lasted 6 minutes. But then speaks to me calmly, we process his payment, get everything settled, give him that heads up, and I’m about to say my goodbyes when he starts talking to Equifax again. Dang it. I won’t give any detail, but it sounds like they fucked him pretty hard. 4 or 5 minutes later, he tucker’s himself out, “Ankor, you’ve been very helpful. Equifax (we both couldn’t remember their name, which I feel bad about), this matter is closed. Bye bye”. Click. Works for me, release the call.

It was definitely a rollercoaster of a call, but we’re slow today anyways, so I appreciated something to do besides browse my phone lol

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