First strongly worded email sent to company about me.

Tl;dr Karen wanted a free day of an more expensive bounce house and I had to say Nah-Half price and she told me I was ruining kids birthday and had no heart during a pandemic .

I actually had a choosing beggar moment today when I answered a call for the party company I work for.

Karen is having a birthday party next month for her kids and family/friends. Karen is being a responsible Karen and is splitting the party into two days. Saturday and Sunday. Karen wants to rent an inflatable bounce house with a water slide for a day. I quote the price and inform her of the conditions. Only guaranteed for 7hrs 12pm to 7pm. She said well okay that’s doable. But could you not pick it up until after 12pm on Sunday.

Well Karen, I must inform you that becomes a 2 day rental and if you want it to be guaranteed past 7pm on the Saturday, then you’ll have to rent for 2 days. I might be able to work out a pricing deal for the 2nd day.

She begins to get upset and double down stating she only needed it until 12pm Sunday. 12 to 12 is 24 hours That’s one day.

I informed her those 24 hours span over 2 days. But we could give her the 2nd day at half price.

She says that we should just leave it till Sunday it shouldn’t be a big deal. She can’t afford two days.

I told her they’re not going to leave it for free when they can rent it out again full price. We’re not going to block that day off for free.

She starts trying to manipulate us into making her happy by talking about that other companies do also have our 2 day rental policy but one would give her the extra day free. We should do the same.

I stayed firm and said “From what you’re telling me, we have the same industry standards as other companies.”

Karen: “Well you’re only the 2nd company I’ve called and i don’t want to keep calling around, so you’re not going to guarantee me the Sunday free?”

Me: “No, I can not. Half price is the best offer.”

Then she wailed about covid quarentine and her invites and why she needs the two days and we’re so uncaring. I said “I’m sorry you feel that way, we’ve tried to work work you”. Karen said I’m ruining the children’s birthday.

She slammed the phone and I got informed of the email that complained I wasn’t accommodating and disrespected her and I was rude bc i didn’t say “I’m sorry” before I said “No.”

A response was sent (idk the response) but they said don’t worry about it, we heard the whole call and know I tried to work with her.

She’s gonna dedicate a whole day being a Karen to everyone I surmise.

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