No one wastes my time or calls my wife a liar! ~super entitled people~

I work for a vehicle manufacturer, so if people have problems with their vehicles or a dealership, they call us.

A couple brought their vehicle into a private shop for some work. The wife says she received a call that her car was ready for pick up. She goes in, but the car isn’t ready. The guy in the shop said that she was wrong, that he was the only one up front for that day and he didn’t call her. That’s what she tells her husband.

The husband calls us, looking to get the shop employee that told his wife the car wasn’t ready “punished, or better yet, fired” because “no one wastes my time or calls my wife a liar! She’s as pure as the Virgin Mary!”

I explain that because they took it to a private shop, there is no business connection between the shop and the manufacturer, so we can’t do anything. The shop employees are not our employees, so we can’t penalize or punish them in any way. I suggested he call the shop for clarification.

“I already called those idiots, they don’t know anything. I want a full investigation into this matter or we’ll never buy from your company again!”

… a full investigation… for a miscommunication… about when to get your car from the shop…

I told him again that there’s nothing we can do for him. He proclaimed that he’d put out a media story that would destroy us because he knew someone who worked at a TV studio. I told him that I couldn’t stop him and he hung up.

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