"I’m a federal agent, connect me with your supervisor!"

I got a pretty juicy call today from an unpleasant person who tried to bully his way up the ladder!

FA: My new federal agent friend Me: Customer service for a US auto finance corp

Me: Thank you for calling __, this is __, how may I help you?

FA: Hi, I’m a federal agent and I’m calling on behalf of one of your customer’s accounts, they are concerned about a refund check that is possibly stolen, this is regarding a check you said has been cashed, but I reach out to your bank you guys use and they said it hasn’t been cashed.

I wish I were kidding but that’s how he started this call. I could immediately tell he was full of it. Of course we can’t release any account info if they’re not authorized on the account.

Me: Okay, well I can check and see for certain if it has been cashed, we can void it and re-issue if needed, but this is a conversation we need to have with our client.

FA: I don’t think you’re listening to me, this issue has been going on since December, the customer reached out to me to try and resolve this, we need to fix this now

Me: I understand the importance of the situation but that doesn’t change the fact that I can’t discuss details of an account you’re not on.

FA: Okay, connect me with your supervisor!

We aren’t required to bend immediately if somebody asks for a sup, and in this case a supervisor wouldn’t even take his call because he’s not on the account.

Me: No sir, they won’t speak with you as you are not an authorized member on the account. Who are you and where are you calling from?

FA: I work for the postal services. I have a hand-written letter from the customer, connect me with your supervisor!

And it all came crashing down. He repeated himself a few more times, making himself more upset each time, and finally hung up after vowing to get me fired.

So if you get a call from a “Federal Agent”, tell him I said hi!

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