A funny one for you all.

I work in a major insurance company, I only handle life insurance but we offer Home, Auto, Umbrella, Event, etc…
I get a call from a younger woman with a heavy southern accent.

Woman “Hi I got a new card I need to add it to my policy.”

Now I can’t tell if she said car, or card.

Me: “I’m sorry did you say you got a new car?”

Woman: “Yea, I got a new card I want to add it to my auto pay.”

…Now I think she says “I got a new car I want to add it to my auto policy.”

She doesn’t have her policy number but I pull her up in a system that all the departments share using her phone number. That gives me her “customer number” which all departments can use to access all the policies someone has. I call over to the department I believe she needs.

Just as a rep answers and I tell them what the caller needs. I see she only has life insurance. I apologize and say “you know what, I don’t think she actually has auto. I think maybe she said she has a new card for auto pay. Not car for her auto policy.”

I go back to this girl sounding super goofy and say “Ma’am I’m sorry, did you say you have a new card and you would like to enroll it in auto pay?”

Her “Uhh yes”

Me “Oh I’m so sorry I thought you said new car for your auto policy. I can actually help you with that. One moment while I let the other line know we don’t need them.”

I felt so goofy. I think the rep and the woman calling thought I was an idiot lol

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