The time I lucked out in an extended lunch break and got paid for it.

So around 10 years ago I was working at a call centre. We had multiple lunch rooms. One was this massive area that was on the second floor of this building that houses several call centers and other businesses. We had a coffee system that we paid a small fee for unlimited coffee.

So one day got lunch somewhere else and decided I grab a coffee near the end of it. So 5 minutes to return I decided to grab my coffee and jumped in the elevator to go grab it fast. I pop in and descended up. Then darkness came. Guess what the power went out. I was like cool extra break time. I called the production foor to report I be late and got one of the supervisors.

Me: Moi of course. Supervisor: Jackie Boss: Erin

Me: so Jackie I as m going to be late coming back. I am in the elevator and the power is out.

Jackie: what?? Are you okay?

Me: oh yeah I as me fine. ( not a care as who does not want a longer lunch. )

She left the floor came near the elevator go check on me. Told her I was fine and not to worry.

Erin then calls my cell and asks if I was okay, I replied I am fine. She assured me that they told the building management and it is okay to be late from lunch.

In my head oh I know it’s fine.its not my fault.

After 30 minutes power came on and I did not go to production but to go back get my coffee. Taking my damn time doing it. Everyone knew and was all concerned. Except for one friend. Smiled saying, you liked that extra long lunch. I was like oh yeah. Everyone had a chuckle out of it.

Power went out stuck in elevator to give me a hour lunch. Management we super concerned. I gave no ducks as I got paid 30 minutes to play on my phone in an elevator.

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