Sometimes I wonder if I’m not explaining something well enough for the customers to understand me

Sometimes I need to explain something 3-4 times before the customer understands. I mean most customers do understand so it’s not the way I explain. But this asshole either didn’t want to listen or was dumb. He bought the wrong part for his car, but insists that he ordered the correct part and we have send him the wrong one, even though the product number is the same.

Cmr: So you need to send me the right part.

Me:We’re not able to send another part, that was not in the original order. We will give you return labels so you can return this back to us, we will refund you and you can simply place a new order for the correct part.

Cmr:What do you mean the correct part? I ordered the correct part and you send me the wrong one.

Me:We have send the same model number as in the order you have confirmed it. You can order the correct one.

Cmr:So I need to send this back to you and waste my time. How long it’s gonna take?

Me: It may take 1-2 weeks before we receive the part and process it back.

Cmr:What, I have to wait 1-2 weeks to receive the correct part?

Me: I’m sorry sir, we are not able to send you another part. It may take 1-2 weeks for the refund to be processed. But you need to place a new order for the correct part. But if you order it today you can receive it within the next few days.

Cmr:OMG, I have to order again. Thanks for nothing. (hangs up)

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