"She’s deaf! Stop talking!"

I was browsing reddit when I remembered this phone call I got about two months ago. The person was buying tickets to a show and was requesting ADA seats.

Me: Thank you for calling _____. How can I help you?

Caller: (silence)

Me: Hello?

Caller: I’d like tickets to _________. I need to sit up front. As close as possible please.

Me: I can definitely help you with that. Which date?

Caller: (silence)

Me: Which date would you like to attend?

Caller: I need ADA seats please.

Me: Ok. Which date would you like to attend? If possible, can you provide me with a few extra dates? And will you be transferring out of a wheelchair?

Caller: (long silence)

Me: Hello? Ma’am?

Rando on Caller’s End: Shut up! She’s deaf! Stop talking! I’m translating here! Just wait! God, you people are so inconsiderate! And don’t you know? You can’t ask people about their disabilities! It’s against the law!

Me: (stunned into silence)

Rando: Hello? You’re being rude! Stop discriminating against her! You people are dicks! We’re never coming here again! hangs up

Me: (still stunned)

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