"Why don’t ya just put it back onto your service!?"

So I used to work for a call center a couple of years back, it was a fun job with loads of interesting people calling in all the time. Our managers back then would tell us to try to deescalate the calls if we could and calm the customers down since they didn’t wanna deal with them and instead would just sit on their company laptops and surf the net or do some work if they felt like it. I often times saw a few of them on youtube or watching netflix on those laptops.

Anyways I took a call from a guy and here’s pretty much how it went.

Me: “Hi, thanks for calling, how may I help you?”

C: “Yea i’m trying to watch Rambo but it’s not letting me”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that let me get some info and i’ll see whats going on.”

I get his info and check his account and everything seems fine. I go in to try and find the movie but I do not see it in the system.

Me: “I’m sorry sir, I don’t think we have that in our system currently. You can submit a request to have it added and I’ll send you a email with the info to do that.”

C: “No ya have it I see it right in front of me right now.”

I’m confused and after a bit I realize what he is saying. He typed in ‘Ra’ in the search feature and Rambo auto-filled so he assumed we had it.

Me: “So I see it auto-fills Rambo sir, we may have had that title in the past or not. But since it’s not in the current system it will show you the titles that are like Rambo.”

C: “Well just put it back in.”

Me: “I’m sorry what?”

C: “Put the movie back in or whatever so I can watch it i’m getting mad.”

I try to explain that’s not how this works and he starts saying it’s false advertisement and starts cussing at me saying “put the fucking movie on now!”. At this point I try to deescalate but he is not having it. So i send a message to my manager and explain the situation. She asks if I tried to calm him down and I say yes, she tells me to give her a few to get set up so I wait and after a few minutes of him just saying over and over get me a supervisor, literally every time I try to say anything he just abruptly interrupts me and repeats “get me a supervisor” every time. He had been doing this for the last few minutes.

I finally just rush though putting him on hold and transfer and the manger answers then waves me off. I don’t know what happened but she was not on the call for long I remember but I don’t remember what she told me about the call. I was used to people yelling and cussing at me at that job but never someone acting like a entitled 4 year old who just kept repeating something over and over like that.

Left that job a few years later after they shut the entire site down and I kinda miss it, abuse and all.

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