It’s everyone’s favorite! A tale where we talk in circles.

Admittedly this seemed better before I wrote it out. Nonetheless I was annoyed. Just me and an older women going in circles.

Me: “Hi thank you for calling Insurance Company this is SlowlySlipping, how can I help you?”

Lady: “Hi I got a Twenty Year insurance policy and the policy came to twenty years and you jacked the price up and I don’t want it anymore for a price like that. I don’t know why I’m getting a bill if the 20 years is up.”

Me: “Okay, yes they do go quite high there after the term ends. You can cancel the policy if you would like. I can send you out a form to cancel or if you’re still interested in insurance we can get you a quote and as long as you’re insurable it’s typically significantly cheaper.”

Lady: “Why should I have to cancel?! It was a Twenty Year Term. It’s over.”

Me: “So the Twenty Years is the length of time we guarantee the price of the policy will stay at within a price range.. It’s actually a renewable term after that, that you can keep until December 2035”

Lady: “Well I don’t want it. It’s too high!”

Me: “Okay well I can get you the form it’s just a—“

Lady: “I don’t want a form! That’s a waste of my time!”

Me: “Okay, you can just not pay and it will naturally lapse for nonpayment. We don’t send to collections or anything like that. You would just get a lapse notice and then a termination letter.”

Lady: “I don’t want any more bills and letters! I don’t want it anymore.”

Me: “I apologize I don’t have a way to stop those. These notices are required by state regulations. So either we need the signed cancellation form or we have to send them out.”

Lady: “Well you know, if these prices weren’t so outrageous maybe I wouldn’t have to cancel. I’d like to have coverage.”

Me: “If you would like I can have a licensed representative speak with you. Those prices are based on worst case scenario. We figure if someone isn’t getting a new policy they may have a terminal illness or something and are a high risk to insure. If you get a new policy and have no major health issues it’s typically much cheaper.”

Lady: “Hey! Hey! SlowlySlipping! I understand you have a job to do and I respect that, but I’m not interested in a new policy! We are older now! We have money set away. This isn’t something we need.”

You literally just said you would like coverage if it weren’t expensive.

Me: “Okay, that’s fine. I just thought you said you would if it were cheaper. My apologies.”

Lady: “Listen. I don’t want this policy.”

Me: “Okay. So if you don’t want the policy that is fine. You will get a couple more communications from us then it’ll be fully terminated.”

Lady: “You know what?! If you’re company wants to waste time and money sending me things that I don’t want fine.”

Me: “Okay. So is there anything else I can do?”

Lady: “I just don’t understand why the price has to go so high. That’s outrageous. I’d really like to have coverage.”

…you’ve said twice now you’d like to have coverage but snapped at me when I offered sales. I don’t know how to acknowledge what you’re saying but not tick you off with what sounds like a sales pitch when I don’t even get anything out of a sale.

Me: “Yes. People typically don’t keep them after the term unless they know they will pass soon.”

Lady: “I mean I’d keep it if it wasn’t so expensive.”

Me: “I understand. Again you can get a quote for a policy if you’d like to have insurance.”

Lady: “I already told you I am not doing that.”

Alright well we are going in circles, I’m running out of things to say to you.

Me: “Okay. So if you wouldn’t like a new policy and you don’t want a cancellation form, and you don’t want this any more then you don’t need to do anything. It’ll just cancel for nonpayment.”

Lady: “Alright. Fine if your company wants to waste their time and money sending me notices till it cancels do it. Bye.”

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