A 0 survey I was happy to take.

I received a call from a woman about late fees on her credit card bill. As I reviewed the account I realized she had 5+ late payments in the last year and called about each one..

Me: ma’am I’m sorry but because you have had multiple late fees removed on your account I will not be removing another

C: no, you will remove this fee. I have had this card for 2 years and NOT ONCE has anyone told me my due date

Me: you’re due date is on every statement that you get in the mail each month, and it was also on your initial paperwork when you are approved for the card.

C: no one has ever called me to tell me my due date, all of my other cards do that. Why don’t you? This is your fault not mine.

Me: ma’am I can almost guarantee you that no other credit cards call you every month to tell you your due date. You’ve called us multiple times for late fees to get them waived and they’ve informed you each time of your due date so again, I will not be waiving this fee


Me (starting to get really annoyed at this point): again I will tell you that your due date is on EVERY statement you get, EVERH MONTH.

C: maybe it is but nobody reads the fine print on those so it’s not my fault

Me: if you’d like to get out your statement I can prove to you that it is not in the fine print, in fact it’s in big bold letters on the very first page

C: I don’t even open my statements though so how am I supposed to see it

Me: well there’s your problem. You choose not to open your statement and therefore you aren’t aware of your due date and pay late almost every month.

C: that’s why someone should call me to tel my my due date

Me: no ma’am. We don’t do that and we will not be starting. We mail out your statements, and that is our ONLY responsibility here, as the customer it is YOUR responsibility to open them and read it. It is not our fault that you CHOOSE not to open it and be aware of what and when it’s due, so again I’ll say that I will not be waiving this fee for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?

C: swears at me and hangs up

Of course I got a 0 on that survey but it was worth the argument.

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