You people deserved this…

I worked for a major cell phone carrier at the time, and this was on the afternoon of September 11, 2001. The calls were stacking up in queue and just as I finished my last call I started my next one. It’s a man on the phone, I got all his information and he had a problem with his bill. I went over his bill with them and explained it to him, to show him that it was actually accurate. He did not agree with this assessment and began getting angry and aggressive. He then proceeded to tell me that you people deserve what happened to you today, you brought it on yourself, and this isn’t the end of it.

That moment I was a little bit freaked out and caught the eye of my manager. She picked up to listen in as I said sir I’m here to talk about your bill, do you have another question I can answer for you about your bill or your service. He started ranting again, and at that point my supervisor indicated to send the call to her and so I interrupted him and said sir I’m giving you to my supervisor now. He didn’t want my supervisor, and next thing I know his wife is also on the line yelling.

My supervisor took the call and I hung back on hold so that I could notate the account and also tour around a little bit. I discovered that the caller worked for the post office. That was a little concerning.

Many of us would write down the account numbers from certain calls we had that we might want to check back on. I wrote down the account number and the phone number and the guys name.

Later that afternoon my boss told me that after she got off the phone with that guy she went ahead and called the FBI. About two or three days later I went back to look at that account to read her notes and see if he had called back. The account number pulled up nothing. So then I tried the phone numbers, and they pulled up nothing. Finally I pulled up his name, there was one account with that name but it wasn’t my caller.

Even closed accounts sat on that system forever. Clearly someone had wiped that from our system.

That was the worst call I ever had.

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