Too cheap to update systems…heartbreaking backfire.

Once upon a time, I worked for an extremely well known “non-profit” in the United States, we did the cold calling for blood donations, (figure it out yet?) and we would always get complaints about calling too much, but we did have an out of date system what wouldn’t cooperate with commands.

Any way, fast forward to 2015, I was working in Arizona so we would be calling from AZ to Utah to Cali, and even Nevada.

Well…. One say we received notice about the San Bernardino shooting and we were to put in extra effort to help out with the demand for transfusions.

A few days after a meeting was help with the entire center to explain to us that we cold called two of the deceased Victims 7 times in one day. The family was livid. And ready to sue, so we actually just stopped calling the area for a little while. We couldn’t stop the calls, the system couldn’t stop the calls and an agent was fired for actually writing down the number and calling the family back to apologize for their loss. It was a heart breaking situation. I guess the mom called the head of the center sobbing because she’s trying to bury her child (one of the interns) and she couldn’t take the fact that we keep calling for him.

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