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First time poster here!

Background: I work for a local trash company in their customer service department, and spend my days answering the phones and dealing with the biggest idiots in the tri-county area. We handle both residential and commercial customers.

Last night an automatic dialer went out that calls anyone with an over 30 day balance on their residential account and just reminds them that they have an overdue bill. So I spent all morning dealing with people yelling at me for sending them a “nasty gram.”

One guy in particular finally got me. We bill quarterly, and from looking at his history, he’s a frequent late payer. Not every quarter, but a lot. We’re allowed to remove 1 late fee per account as a courtesy; he’s already had 4 removed. I have no sympathy. He’s not getting another one from me.

He rants and raves for a while, claiming that it’s ridiculous that he gets a $10 late fee on his $107 bill. “That’s 10%! 10% every month and that’s 100% a year! It’s a ponzi scheme!”

Uh? What? Ok

After a few more minutes of listening to him yell my ear off, he finally asks me something along the lines of “how can you people live with yourselves when you’re ripping people off charging all these extra fees?”

“Well sir, if you paid your bill on time you would never receive a late fee.”

He about lost his goddamn mind but it was so worth it.

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