For the love of god just read your terms of service

Long time lurker, first post here but I have some other stories that might be interesting.

So for background, I work reservations for a big hotel company, and at this company they have a loyalty program where people can earn benefits and whatnot the more they stay at the hotels, but the main things are points and nights that they can exchange for stays and make them level up in the program respectively. It’s also clearly stated in the terms of service of the program that reservations made through third party websites and the like do not qualify, and I don’t mean like “Yeah it’s there somewhere”, there is literally one whole section dedicated to this.

Anyway here’s the story.

Me: Me C: Caller

Me: Good afternoon, thank you for calling [Hotel Company], My name is WodenHandMagician, How can I help you today?

C: Hey, so my assistant made a reservation for me but she did not make it under my account, can you help me add it so I get my points?

-Now this is not uncommon, and in fact it happens pretty much every day. Why people don’t give their assistants information like this is beyond m, but it happens.-

Me: Yeah, sure. Can I have your reservation number so we can look you up?

-He gave me this information and I looked it up, turns out the reservation was made through one of said third parties, so I just silently sigh, preparing for the worst.-

Me: I’m sorry, sir, but I’m afraid that this reservation does not qualify for the loyalty program so I’m not able to add it to your account.

C: What do you mean this doesn’t qualify? It’s a reservation for your hotel.

Me: Yes sir, I know and I can see it clearly, but as this was made through a third party website it doesn’t qualify for the program.

C: Well that sucks, so I won’t be earning points for this one but at least I will get credit for the nights.

Me: No, sir. This doesn’t qualify for the program at all so you won’t be earning anything; points or nights.


Me: Yes sir, I get that but there’s no way for me to give you credit for the nights.


Me: -Wanting to avoid the whole process of getting a manager- If I transfer you to a manager they will tell you the exact same thing, sir. It’s company policy and it’s also clearly stated in our program’s terms of service.

C: Be honest with me now, kid. Do you even read terms of service?

Me: -Just wanting the call to end already- Yes I do.

C: The whole thing?

Me: Yup. I like to know what I’m getting myself into.

C: You fucking asshole. -Hangs up-

And I kinda lied there just to get away there because I don’t read the fine print in the terms of everything I sign up to, but for a thing this big I would at least try to get an idea of what I can and can’t do, so please people at least skim over your terms of service.

Oh yeah, worst thing is he wasn’t a new guy in the program, he was already several levels and a couple years into it.

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