Collections activity will continue.

We send out a default notice 30 days before the default itself is listed, this gives customers a chance to make contact and arrange to pay their overdue balance.

A company we provide finance for supplies beds. Lady in question had claimed initially that her disability insurance would be paying the balance of her finance. Unusual. But okay. Held account.

A fortnight passed and her payment is due. Asks us to hold it again for her to follow up with insurance. Okay then.

Spoiler: her insurance did not pay. Nor did she.

Default notice is sent out. I get the pleasure of receiving her texts! Yay.

Customer: this is harassment, I’m consulting my lawyer.

(Thanks to another post on Reddit for the idea)

Me: that’s okay, send me through the details of your lawyer and I can speak with them.

Customer: I didn’t sign anything!

Me: explains agreement process for my company and also sends email to bed company to check their terms and conditions

Sales person via email to me: our terms and conditions are on the invoice she received with the bed.

Me to customer: I’ve been advised you agreed to the terms and conditions of the supplier as well and the terms and conditions are on the invoice.

Customer: I didn’t receive one! Scam!

Before responding, I sent an email to the salesmen explaining the situation and asking for a copy of the invoice.

The sales team sent me the invoice as well as all the notes on THEIR files for the customer as well. Sales member says customer is full of shit and just wants to get out of paying. Beds, for obvious reasons, cannot be returned.

I then emailed the invoice to the customer using their email address on file.

Me: okay customer, I’ve sent you a copy of the invoice you should’ve received to (email address), regardless of whether you saw the invoice or not their terms and conditions still stand and you are liable for the payments.

Customer: I don’t use that email address.

Me: that’s okay, send me through your current email and I’ll forward it through.

Customer: I don’t have an email address. Speak to my lawyer.

Me: no problem, please send me through the lawyers details and I’ll be able to send through the contract you signed for them to see.

Customer: stop texting me, I’ll block you.

Me: collections activity will continue (basically in 10 days she will be receiving her actual default)

Customer: fuck off I’ll sue you.

I did not respond further.

Enjoy your fucked credit! I’m going to ask if I can mail that one out myself.

(Next up I think is the man who DEMANDED I remove late fees)

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