We are your internet provider, NOT your computer repair company

Guy – Wants us to come out and fix his computer. I apologize and say we are the internet provider we don’t repair computers but I can recommend (aka google) a local person to take a look. He tells me we have already come out and were not equipped to repair it. Before even checking if said work order happened I tell him, yes we are not equipped for computer repair because that isn’t what we do. I do check and last work order his internet was supposedly down it was his computer and the tech specifically noted customer wanted him to repair it and our guys don’t do computer repair. And told him to call a local computer guy to repair it.

I then said “sir it is like calling the gas station when your car breaks down if they are not a full-service garage, the guy pumping gas isn’t going to fix your car” He then, of course, wanted a manager. I was not about to waste my manager’s time with this. Which is another whole story I have people try to tell me they have a literal right to a manager whenever they want. I fired back at one particular customer that stated this matter of fact while yelling. I said if you can quote me what amendment in the constitution says you have a right to a manager I’ll get you right over, otherwise no they are not taking this call. Back to our original guy I say “I am not taking this to a manager, we are your internet provider not your local computer repair, those are two different occupations and services.” I was given the ‘he won’t pay his bill till we do what he wants bluff’, we didn’t flinch he is in collections.

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