Literally just got off the phone with an elderly woman today. Told me today was her 76th birthday, and first birthday on retirement, so she bought a new car! A Neon Blue Jeep Wrangler, that’s thr last car she wants. This woman was so wholesome. After I finished helping her add her vehicle to the account, add funds, and remove a vehicle, she told me how friendly I was, and that she wanted to share me with the world. She said I was syrupy sweet to her, and oh so helpful compared to the last agents she’d spoken to. I told her thanks, and asked if she would like, because she thought my service was amazing she coul—

“Yes of course baby! I would love to tell anyone I can about you!”

I’m beaming at this point. This woman was awesome. I finally got her transferred over to a sup for a “Kudos” call. Now Kudos calls are celebratory. Managers send out a mass email to the others on the floor, as well as to the head of the company themselves! They then take an extended break and BRING YOU LUNCH (which is awesome cause I’m literally Dumbo and forgot mine🤤), as well as a Bundt cake for a job well done. When she got done talking to my sup, everyone in my department clapped (cause he shouted, holy crap my anxiety), and the head of QA came over and gave me a firm as fuck handshake.

Y’all. Kindness goes a long way. Pay it forward, and you can meet the most wholesome customers ever. ❤️

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