30 minute call for a vehicle that was removed

Next post, ding ding! Y’all enjoyed my “Woman doesn’t wanna pay past due tolls” post, so here’s another adventure of mine.

Just today, there was a man, we’ll call him Shawn. Shawn called in about a vehicle charging to his account, zipping through the tollway. Verification process goes down, blah blah, I look at his account, and I had to do a double take. “Excuse me sir, what vehicle where you calling about?”

“Yeah, I got an invoice for a vehicle I rented a while back charged on my account, but I never removed that vehicle and now the account is sending me a bill.”

A little background, thats not how this works at all. People CONSTANTLY get our billing system and account system remixed, simply because they both display ‘account numbers’, so when I looked at his account:

XXX1234 2020 Red Ford F150 (idek if this is real I’m giving examples bear with me) XXX1324 2011 Silver BMW 329I

and removed, XXX4321 2020 Blue Jeep Wrangler. Marked RENTAL.

Now the first two vehicles were added the same day the account was made, April 23rd of 2019, but the rental was added for one day, removed a day later.

Immediately, I knew what happened.

“Ah, sir. Okay. I see what’s going on. Mr. Shawn, the vehicle wa only on the account one day. So you only got covered for the trips on that day with that vehicle. The rest were sent to you in that bill.”

“But I never removed the vehicle!” He’s urging me to pity him at this point, but after that wholesome Kudos call from a while earlier in the morning, I wasn’t having it.

“I’m showing that you requested it be removed it online.” The label showing the edit showed “Requested to be removed by TAG_OWNER”, so there was no denying it. But of course he did.

“What!? I never authorized that!” He screams.

“Yes sir, I understand this may be a mistake, what I can do is I can add the vehicle back and we can pay those tolls at the rate they would’ve been at if the vehicle was on the account.”

“No, get rid of them all. Don’t make me spend anything.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that. The tollway isn’t free, so these tolls have to be accounted for.”

“Let me speak to your manager. What’s your name?”

“My name is Kalypso—”

“I dont care. Hurry up and find me worthy to help me with this.”

So, I sigh and close out a notation I was making. Basically stating that we spoke about his vehicle having been requested to be removed, and that he claimed he didn’t authorize it. I also mentioned that he was transferred to a Sup, then closed it off. “Yes sir, I’m gonna get you connected, alright?”

Now, since my last post, I’ve moved teams. My new sup, we’ll call her Melissa, is coming up to me. She was doing my QA for the call and noticed the issue, so she came to investigate.

“What’s going on?” She tilts her head at me, a blank expression on her face.

I explain to her the situation, what went down and what he wants, and she mentions to me that she was in the middle of doing QA for other people, as well as marking up Adherence and AHT for the monthly incentive. She told me what to say, and I shit you not, this was enough to get him off the phone.

“Alrighty Mr. Shawn, I thank you for holding. I communed with my Sup Melissa, and she says that, since the vehicle was in your possession at the time, these tolls are still your responsibility. Failure to take care of these bills before the rental company gets them results in raised rates, not from us, but from who you’re renting with.”

His WHOLE ATTITUDE did a 180.

“Oh, fucksake… I don’t want that, how much is it?”

Y’all ready for this?

“It’s $9.50.”

Yes, I KNOW. All this over $9.50.

He paid it, apologized, wished me a good day, and hung up.

I dunno if there’s a better way to say I feel good about owning this man, cause he was being a dick, but MAN did it feel good to shove extra fees down his throat for complaining about a $10 toll bill.

Feels good man.

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