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This one happened just a little over a year ago. I was working as technical support for point-of-sale. My job was to help people discover that their screens weren’t plugged in, or that the computers had been on for 4000+ hours, and maybe needed to be restarted. This particular story happened as I was helping a lady troubleshoot the “cash-office” program that tallies up the money at the end of the day. After snooping around the server, I found that the service that held the cash-office program was freezing up, causing her internet explorer webpage to not load. It was a simple fix, I just had to restart the program. Now, restarting the program doesn’t automatically close the internet exploder window she was using, which can cause some minor but easily fixed errors. Still, after dealing with this issue for a while, I found it was easier to simply ask them to close the window while I restarted the service. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “I’m going to restart the service on the computer. Could I ask you to please close the cash-office window?”

Her: “Sure.”

At this point, I hear her chair squeak against the floor, followed by the slamming of glass-pane windows.

Her: “Done.”

Now, I’m directly connected to her screen, and I can see that she hasn’t closed the program. I actually had to do a double-take as I realized what just happened. She didn’t even question the notion that somehow, the windows of the cash-office room being open was affecting her computer program.

Once I recovered from my initial shock, I closed the application window myself, and restarted the program. I still reflect on this whenever people say “Don’t assume anything.”

TL;DR I asked her to close the window, and she did. My fault for not being more specific.

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Imagine being this agitated over $7.50…

Chat isn’t much better than phones and you have proof they are entitled Karen’s as well