“It’s all a conspiracy! You need to get out while you still can!”

Ok so either this guy really believed this or he was just messing with me. Either way it makes for a good story!

So I work in a outbound call center, so instead of customers calling us, we call them. Mostly we get voice mails or hang ups but it isn’t exactly rare to be talking to a live person.

(For privacy reasons I won’t tell you what we sell at the call center.) So I’m going about my day, taking call and making sales, when I have the pressure of speaking with a Mr. S

Now Mr. S has this ALL figured out, he knows what’s really going on. But I don’t know this until about three minutes into our call.

The conversation isn’t word for word but it’s as close as I can get without revealing the name of the company or the type of product. Keep in mind that my company is just a middle man, we work for several companies to sell the same product just under their names. So the product is the same but the name of it and the price vary from company to company.

Me: Hi this is ThrowAway from (Blank). How are you?

Mr. S: I’m good

Me: That’s good to hear (then I go into our sales pitch) –

He cuts me off. Mr. S: No no no, I know what this is about. This isn’t about selling (product) this is about getting my information for your bosses.

Me: I’m sorry? Sir this is the (insert company name)

Mr. S: I know who you are. And I know you have all of my information pulled up in your screen you could probably tell me what my blood type is.

Me: I’m sorry Sir, you have the wrong idea. I’m just trying sell you (product).

Mr. S: You sound young. (I’m 21) you really shouldn’t be involved in conspiracies like this.

Me: Sir, I can assure you this isn’t a scam. We have on record that your subscription to (product) has ended and I’ve called you to renew it so you can continue to enjoy it.

Mr. S: Listen honey, you seem like a nice young lady. You really should get out of this company before you’re in too deep.

Me: Sir I really don’t know what you mean. I’m just-

Mr. S: IT’S A CONSPIRACY! YOU NEED TO GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Do you have a supervisor that you trust? Do they know what’s really going on?

Me: Sir, if you aren’t interested in the product anymore we can take your number off of our list.

Mr. S: NO! You need to get out of there. Let me talk to you supervisor. I can vouch for you. You’re too young to be gathering people’s information like this. Do you even know what they use it for? They track us. They send us your product and use it to spy on us and our families!

Since he asked to speak to a supervisor I put him on hold and called over my supervisor Amy who told me to just end the call because he was clearly just paranoid and wasn’t going to buy from us.

This only happened a couple of weeks and I didn’t delete his number so I know for a fact he has been called again about renewing. I just hope that the person that got the pleasuring of speaking with Mr. S got out of the call while they still could. Lol

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