Sure, we can write off that debt…

I worked in debt coection for a mobile phone company for 3 years while at uni so I’ve heard and been called most things but his was a personal favourite of mine…

A customer calls to explain that the account that was opened in her name, but never paid, was in fact a case of fraud. The customer was absolutely furious that such a thing could happen and demanded we take immediate action to resolve the issue and correct her previously immaculate credit file. I apologise and do my best to reassure the customer we would get to the bottom of the issue. However… Upon further review I notice that the account address for billing and shipping matches the address the customer confirmed when running through security so er policy I advise the customer she would need to report the issue to the police and call back with a crime reference number. At this the customer explodes, screaming at me she explains her darling son (15) was in fact the one that took her details, opened the account in her name and ordered the phone she refused to buy him so she cannot possibly go to the police because what kind of a mother reports her own child to the police? And anyway, this is clearly our fault for having such lenient processes so if I dont write the debt off she will report us to the press…. ‘Report us for what? Your son was the one who committed fraud’ I remind her. ‘Yes, but he’s a child, therefore it’s your fault’ she counters.. I pause, because.. well, theres a lot to unpick here and I was probably hungover… but explain again that her son committed fraud, and if she didn’t want to pay the bill she would need to report it as such. ‘Or?!’ She asked, still shouting. ‘ pay the bill?!’ I replied ‘…or?’ ‘There is no or, that’s it.., two options’ ‘Right, thats it, I’m going to the papers’ ‘About how your son committed fraud?’ ‘….’ ‘….’ … click.

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