You can’t talk to me like that I want a manager …”uhhh what?”

Ok this is from 2011 but it sticks in my mind constantly. Me=me CG=cranky guy (customer)

I worked for a popular wireless company in the billing department. And this was my call one day.

Me: thank you for calling , my name is Beth, how can I help you?

CG: Ya hey Rose, my phone isn’t working and I want to know why!

Me: absolutely! I’d be happy to look into this for you. Can I start by getting your wireless number and name please?

CG: provides info

Me: thank you for that info.

I continue to verify the account at this point.

Me: ok CG I see here that your bill currently has a past due amount and so your services have been disconnected. However if you pay X amount with me today we can get your services back up and running.

CG: what did you just say to me?!

Me: (confused at this point. Thought I was pretty clear). I see the last time you made a payment was 4 months ago. We have not received any payments recently so the services have been temporarily suspended. Would you like to make a payment today to get this fixed?

CG: you can’t talk to me like that! I want a manager!

Me: (even more confused)…talk to you like what sir? I am just letting you know that your bill….(I got cut off)

CG: I’m going to report you for talking to me like that! Who do you think you are! I want your manager right now!

Me: um ok sir just a moment.

I chat into my manager team (I worked from home) and explained the situation. From here my very confused manager took over the call.

TL;dr CG wants to know why nothing is working, doesn’t like my perfectly reasonable answer.

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