The best customer ever

I really enjoy my job. People often amaze me at the ignorance. I work for a company that helps people get set up with MHP for them to have their pets their ESA. So a lady called and was like I need to set up a consultation with your provider lisfensed in my state. So legally I have to explaon the process. She started telling me what she was needing to do for that to happen. So she said I’m sorry I’ve done so much research due to scams that I came close to giving up. I saw an ad for y’all in my email though it was b.s. so called 4 times to talk to many people just so I could verify everything. So I got things needed but you’re the first that doesn’t sound like you really care. Plus you haven’t mentioned selling the uniforms yet. I like that. You’re not into selling me what I don’t need but verifying I’m doing it legally. Yay. Lol. So I didn’t have to talk her into anything she didn’t already want

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