Old dude tells me I “need to know my place” after asking a question

What is it about call centers that brings out the asshole in people? I honestly will not understand. It’s like there’s a magnet and every crazy douche in the tricounty is vying for it.

This motherfucker is annoying as hell. The entire training class for the last 4 weeks he’s been off. I can’t really describe this ‘off’ feeling I get around him, but it’s like alarm bells whenever he’s near me.

He’s a skinny dude, older, probably mid 40s, 4 kids, and divorced (which he states nearly every other sentence). He’s super quiet when he talks, like to the point where no one can hear him give answers. And no matter how many times you tell him to speak up he doesn’t. He just mumbles garbage and everyone else is just sitting there looking at each other trying to strain to hear him.

He’s also has a huge ego. Like he has to answer all the questions, he has to be the leader of every group activity. That part is whatever, whatever enjoyment he can get have at it.

But let me spill the TEA.

We were doing drills and hot seat shit, coming up to the front of the class and taking mock calls. You know, standard shit. He volunteered to go first, of course he did.

So he goes up, instantly nobody can hear him say a word. Like it just sounds like garbled nonsense. You can make out the sounds of letters every other word, but it’s no where near enough to get a complete sentence.

O- oldass bastard

O: “garbled noises of nonsense”

Our trainer, after 4 weeks of telling him to speak up is exhausted.

Trainer: “O you need to speak up no one can hear you.”

O: “begins screaming the intro” (which just equates to normal talking volume)

So he’s going through the call, it was a refill for medication which is super simple to do. This dude, the know it all, is like 200 screens away from where hes supposed to be. Like he’s in supply requisitions. Keep in mind, this dude makes smart comments every time somebody asks a question that he “knows” the answer to.

His one practice call literally hits the half hour mark, he’s completely lost, and spewing out whatever bullshit words come to his mind. He’s gone back to whispering again. So nobody can understand him.

So I had a question from one of the things he was doing, he was like clicking on a page, and I just thought of it. So I went to ask the trainer.

Me: “so. Do we have to build repor with our customers, like asking them about the weather, their dogs?”

And he literally stops what he’s doing, turns with a really big attitude.

O: no we don’t.

I don’t take his word for it. Our trainer asked for a refill and he can’t even put notes in the note generator without needing his hand held.

I admit I was a little bit short with him when I replied. But at this point his call was now 45 minutes long and he went out of his way to be a dick to everyone who ever asked a question or didn’t understand something the previous 4 weeks.

Me: I was asking the trainer, actually.

O: WELL I answered YOU know your place!

He literally turned to me. And stared at me directly in my eyeballs and said that shit. Trainer didn’t do anything, and the only thing that really kept me from dragging his skinny ass into the parking lot for a curb stomp was shock.

Me: Uh come again? Really?

O: Yea really.

And he turned back to his screen. I didn’t know what his problem was, but I sat there fuming. And the more he kept going on and on the more angry I got.

He was finally done at an hour and fifteen minutes when his mock call began. An. Hour. And. Fifteen. Minutes. And as soon as he was done kept pointing at me.

O: YOU need to go next. CALL on her.

It was all I could do to keep from punching him in his ugly ass face. I can take a lot of shit, but somethings I just can’t deal with it. I’m debating whether to go to HR about the situation on Monday.

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