Oh man, I almost got fired for this one!

I blame myself, but partially blame the customer because she was being absolutely rude the whole time.

I worked tech support for cell phones, but it cooperation with the insurance provider for the phones as well. If the replacement phone doesnt work, then we transfer to the insurance company for another replacement. Parenthesis are my thoughts.

Me: Typical greeting.

C: Yeah I just got a replacement phone for my son and it’s not even working anymore.

Me: Alright, what’s going in with the device?

C: It’s not working properly!!

Me: …Okay, there are a number of issues that could be going in with the device, I really need you to be specific.

C: It’s not working!!!

Me: (I need you to utilize one of those extra fucking chromosomes in some way and help me out) Alright, I see it’s an iPhone, right?

C: Obviously!!

Me: (At no point was that made obvious, but whatever) Okay, well let’s try some troubleshooting and see if it helps.

I have her just power it off and back on and then test this “issue” just to see if I can get her to say what the issue was.

C: I still can’t hear the other person on the other line.

Me: (fucking finally got an idea) Alright we’ll try a few other things.

Note: in order to process another replacement, and FDR (Factory data reset) has to be performed at least once to prove we cant fix it and needs to be replaced. This, obviously, erases everything on the phone and brings it back to original settings.

Me:Alright, well we’ve done everything we can, we just need to Factory reset the phone and see if it fixes it.

C: Okay fine.

Me: When you got this phone, were you able to restore your sons information, like photos and whatnot.

C: No, he forgot his password, we only had this phone for a couple of hours.

At this point I just want to get her off the phone, we have like 5 minutes before the insurance closes and I dont want to have to call her back the next day. So I rush through the FDR. Doesnt work, transfer her to insurance.

Fast forward a week or so, I’m walking back to my desk and stop and say hello to my supervisor, pretty cool guy, we talk about Dragon Ball Z a lot, then I notice that he has one of my calls pulled up. I ask him if it’s just a regular scan. He says no, it’s actually a complaint. I had been working there for 2 years or so, and never got a complaint. I was really confused. He explains to me that it’s the call described above. Since I rushed through the FDR, I forgot to back up the phone to iCloud. I mean she stated that she only had the phone for a few hours. What kind of complaint can I have? I wasn’t rude to her or anything.

Sup: Yeah, I mean, it was generally a good call, but you forgot to back up the phone.

Me: She had it for a couple of hours, there was nothing to back up, presumably.

Sup: Well, apparently she took her son’s prom photos on that phone and now they’re gone. She filed a co.plaint against you. Me, the operations manager and the site manager have to review this.

I mean, why wouldn’t she say anything about that? I k ow I should have asked, but damn. I talked to the site manager about it, but he has to deal with things like this all the time, he really didnt care about looking too much into my case and didn’t reprimand me or anything. But, I’ve seen people get fired for less.

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