It’s his birthday, but this is an isp not a sex chat line.

Another story from my place of work.

I work for an ISP. I set up new installs. I’ve worked in this department for about 2 years. I don’t get too many crazy calls. This however was up there with the most insane customers I’ve had to deal with.

I could tell this was an older man say in his 50s-60s maybe older?

Me: Thanks for calling companyName. How may I help you?

Customer: Heyy, my name’s CreepyGuy and it’s my birthday. Can you wish me a happy birthday?

Me: Um.. sure happy birthday CreepyGuy.

Customer: Can you sing it for me?

Me: Sorry, CreepyGuy I don’t feel comfortable with that. Would you like to start services today?

Customer: Can I touch your p*ssy?!

Me: uh… Sir, I need you to refrain from talking like that. Do you need internet or cable?

Customer: Let me see your p*ssy.

At this point I just hung up. I’m not 100% sure you’re allowed to hang up on customers where I work. A lot of people say you’re not supposed to. I always have when people get nasty or in this case sexually harassing me. I figure I get paid to do a job not get harrased. My place of work is super chill though and supervisors take care of the workers who appreciate their jobs. Ive never had anyone say anything about it to me before.

I did email my supervisor about it this time and let him know what happened.

The guy kept calling in. At one point I saw the number and just said: CreepyGuy, I see you’re calling back. Do you need service or not?

He said something sexual again and I hung up. He got a few other agents to answer too and it really upset the one girl sitting next to me.

My supervisor, a little while later, emailed everyone in our department that if that number calls in to just immediately place on hold and transfer directly to him.

Idk if he stopped calling in or if they blocked their number from calling in. Either way, never heard from him again.

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