I’m not a number and I’m not going to act like one.

I work for an insurance company who strives on treating their employees with the utmost respect. We’re constantly told we aren’t a number but yet I still find myself feeling like one. I thought maybe if I started working from home and part time it would help but lately it feels just as bad as being full time in the office.

Last week I got a call from a woman upset about a claim. I got through my introduction, asked for her name and was instantly told that I was a piece of shit and swore to god that she would slit my throat and bash my head in… any other time I’ve been insulted I laugh after I got off the phone but this time I was just angry. Like I really allowed someone to talk to me that way and I just had to shake it off and take another 50+ calls like it was nothing. And maybe it is nothing and I’m too sensitive but I’ve never had anyone threaten my life and have been forced to not react and ever since then I feel like my tolerance has completely erased.

Today, I was speaking with a customer who wanted an insurance policy and while going through the quote he begins yelling and getting short and condescending with me over absolutely everything and then starts bad mouthing his wife with hoping they’ll divorce and calling her sisters retarded. I stayed quiet and did my job until he brought up his son. He told me that he kicked his son out and “disowned” him because he was dating a “black chick”. I am a “black chick”. It had nothing to do with me and yet I was so offended by it that I shut down my computer from the power switch in the middle of the call.

I know that the call center environment is not for me. I know that I need to get a new job and fast but here I am, stuck smiling through the constant ignorance and flat out disrespect from people who can’t remember my name for more than 5 seconds. It’s hard to compete with the pay of call centers but I really want to just get roommates and be broke until I find a job that doesn’t feed into my depression so much.

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