Childish Lady

So I work for a company that rents out trucks and other equipment. I dealt with a childish woman today that I thought I’d share here. I will be me and she will be CL.

Me: Thank you for calling [redacted], how may I help you?

CL: Yes, I’d like to pick up a truck tomorrow at [redacted].

Me. Okay, one moment. What’s your telephone number and name?

CL: [redacted]

Me: Thank you, one moment.

Me: Okay, I see a truck available at [redacted] which is a few miles from where you wanted to pickup.

CL: Uh no, that won’t work for me.

Me: Okay, I have another one at [redacted].

CL: No, that won’t work for me, I’m in [redacted] and I want it from [redacted].

Me: I do apologize, but the closest I have is the first one I mentioned.

CL: This isn’t gonna work so what can we do to resolve this?

Me: The only other solution would be to pick it up on another day.

CL: Well, can’t you just have the truck I want brought to my location from another store??

Me: Unfortunately we’re unable to do that, I do apologize.

CL: This is unacceptable. I’m very upset. I will call back later!

Yeah, get the stick outta your ass lady. Jeez.

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