You weasely punk!

I work in a terribly managed combined call center. I take calls for several clients and often am left alone all night with only one or two coworkers who won’t have the same skills as me.

Our biggest client is sort of a scam (they charge a monthly fee and what you’re signing up for isn’t entirely clear if you don’t check out their website, but since the perks actually do work if used correctly and you could save more money then you spend easily I don’t feel too terrible working for them). This guy was upset because he hadn’t gotten his check yet, there are no supervisors for this program on during my shift. So I say I’ll escalate it, which is all I can do at that point and the little charmer starts cursing me out, so I tell him if he continues I’ll disconnect, he proceeds to say something that makes me drop the call. He calls back 5 times, the last time he says my supervisor will be hearing these calls.

I’m going to leave a note for my supervisor to make sure they do.

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