The Singer and His Insurance Policy

I apologize in advance as story telling isn’t really my strong suit, but alas here we go. TLDR at the end.

So first some background, I work for a pretty big insurance company and work for various insurance agents within the company making their schedules for them. For example, if they need to meet with certain clients regarding upcoming changes to the clients policy I call those clients to set a time for the agent to either call them or meet with them in the office. This works better than having the receptionist call because the changes are usually caused by changes in insurance laws, so for the most part large quantities of clients need to be called at a time.

Today I was calling for an agent in a southern state. I called one of his clients who answered the phone. I believe the man thought I was a solicitor and he was trying to waste my time. He wouldn’t let me get a word in, but because the change in his policy is coming up next month we can’t hang up unless we’ve passed a 5 minute mark on the call because we have to prove that we tried our best to make him aware of the upcoming change. He starts telling me this story about how he’s planning on auditioning for America’s Got Talent and he wants me to listen to the song he’s prepared. I listen to his song (sung horribly of course) then he asks me to tell him how it was. Before I can say anything he tells me he has to go gargle eggs and hangs up on me. Our next step is to send out a letter regarding the change. Hopefully he reads it so he knows that his house isn’t going to be as covered as it previously was.

TLDR; Guy thinks I’m a solicitor, tries to waste my time by singing a song, hangs up on me and now he doesn’t know about big changes coming up in his homeowners insurance policy.

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