The most Dale Gribble call…Ever

So I was doing Y-jacking when this happened. It was the last call before I went back in the training classroom and I swear to god if Dale Gribble exists this is him. (Agent F = Agent Female)(Mr.Gribble = The creep who called)

Agent F: Hi thank you for calling company bank, this is Agent F, how may I help you?

Mr.Gribble: Howdy ma’ma I just got off the phone with a Mark and he said F and U to me. I don’t like those words said to me.

Agent F: I am very sorry to hear that sir but I am here to help you.

Mr.Gribble: Authenticates You know, you have a sweet voice. I like how you sound, how about one night you come up here and talk.

Agent F: Sorry Mr.Gribble but I am married, how may I help you?

Mr.Gribble: Well ma’ma I just need to know my balance.

Agent F: Alright sir, your current and available balance is $xx,xxx.xx.

Mr.Gribble: Thank you ma’ma, you know I bet your last name would sound better as Gribble. Yeah, Agent F. Gribble.

Agent F: Well thank you sir, however the system wants me to check your phone number. Could I get that from you?

Mr.Gribble: No can do miss, no one has my number not even my mamma. Only the state troopers have my phone number because if someone texts me as I am on a call then it will send a shock though my body.

Agent F looks at me with a wtf face

Agent F does generic closing

I look closer at the screen and see that he is using a personal account but his address is for a RV parts store. In the end we shut down his account because of suspicious activity.

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