"Here at *** we value the customer!"

So I work for a national call center corporation with a ton of different “clients” and what I do is talk to pharmacists… usually. I’m actually pretty good at this and enjoy helping people get their meds, but the absolute worst calls are from the “mothership” or rather the national company that provides medicaid/care to the USA. The reps that call from this company are so ignorant of what we do that they often ring us up over things that should be handled internally by their company, but we advise them of this and usually it goes OK. Not with so for Miss Mary Carmen. I should have known she was going to be trouble from the start, but I never expected it to escalate so quickly, because I can usually provide the info needed and get these reps off my phone, but the minute I gave her the greeting she starts ranting at me about how previous agent hung up on her, and I didn’t even get her name yet. I let her spout off until I thought she had run out of steam and then tried to begin again, but after getting her name and the member’s info she immediately lost her mind again and it was another two minutes before I could manage to find out WHY she was calling… Eventually we get to the point, member is having trouble getting his meds, but when I look I see member received meds on 5/7 and 5/8, 90 day supplies. I guess my mistake was telling her this. Mary Carmen loses her shit. She starts screaming at me about how there are no paid claims and she doesn’t believe me and wants my supervisor. I have no supervisor. I mean, there’s an assist team, but I learned real quick not to call them, unless I want my ass reamed by two people in five minutes. I decide imediately that she’s a wacko and that’s why she’s already been hung up on once. So I tell her I will provide a supervisor, but first I would like to speak to HER supervisor. Now she’s screaming. She’s literally telling me that she asked for mine first, and she won’t get her supervisor for me, and that at *** they value the customer, and re-ranting the entire call at the top of her lungs. I tell her I will not put her on the phone with another rep, because I don’t think she’s being professional and I would like to talk to her floor manager, but if she keeps yelling I will disconnect the call. I remind her that I gave her the information I had and no one else will have different information. She responds by telling me I’m taking things personally and that she’s trying to help our member because at *** they value the member, and the member is sick and needs the meds, and she will not get her manager, she wants to speak to my supervisor. I agree that she can speak to a supervisor, after she puts her supervisor on, and this again begins re-rant, this time with added “I am so glad this call is being recorded.” I am, too, but I don’t say that. Instead I tell her that I think we are at an impass and I m going to disconnect the call, and I leave her howling in rage. I clear mark the call a disconnect and revise my notes in depth on the call, but to be honest, it ruined my day and now I don’t even want to go back to work, because I can’t deal with the Mary Carmens of the world… I think this might have been that call the broke me.

TLDR/Mary Carmen represents the main company and is a f***ing lunatic and now I think I’m quiting my job.

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