Something awesome for a change

It’s real easy to turn off all manual control and slip into a cold robotic fml of a rep, but sometimes nice things happen too!

Simple short story to spread good vibes to this subreddit.

I get this call towards the latter end of my shift from a guy that was probably in his mid 60s, early 70s. His son was also in the background as well helping out dad. (Speakerphone) Guy called in because they were using a lot of data and he saw an offer to double it for $10 more.

Nothing on the account reflects this offer, but I seen a customer a few days back that also had a 4GB plan with a $10 add on to double it. I let the guy know that all I see is a text sent stating he could go to the next tier up for an additional $20. I tell him and he starts to question if he saw it or not. As he goes to check his messages, I talk with the son to see if there was something I could do to help.

Found something way nicer for customer! For the same $10 increase, his account was eligible for a discounted unlimited data package. At this point, the older gentleman didn’t seem to care too much the 4GB to 8GB $10 couldn’t be found. His son even chuckled that he wish he could find the same great deal for his account.

Took care of a few other things for the guy to lower his bill, but he ultimately left the call breaking even with unlimited data for the same basic price as what he was paying for 4GB. These are the types of calls that make you feel better at the end for helping someone. 😎

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