Shouting gets you what you want

I work in a call centre booking repairs for tenants. Our schedulers and engineers go home at 4:30, we finish at 4:45.

Yesterday at 4:43 I got a call from a very irate man. We were booked in to attend yesterday to install a new shower and the engineer didn’t attend. I checked and there were no notes on the job, but that’s not rare as the engineers tend to rush home then drop in their job sheets the next morning to add updates.

I checked and realised one of the schedulers was still on, so called and asked them if by some rare change the engineer was just running late or had handed in his job sheet. No dice. But happily they could get the engineer back out on Monday.

I went back to the guy and told him this. Was he happy? Of course he wasn’t. Cue a few mins of him yelling at me till I went back to the scheduler to see if we could get him in today. They said no, even the emergency guy was booked up.

When I went back it turned into him shouting “no” and me replying “I’m sorry but we have noone that can get out”. He then pulled out the “I work in housing too, I know you can”

So once again I go back to the scheduler, but this time to tell them “go home, he’s not taking no for an answer so I’ll put in the complaint when he tires out”. The scheduler sighs and says “I’ll fit him in somewhere”.

The tenant got off the phone without even a thank you.

So I’m annoyed as I look like an ass for constantly saying no. The scheduler is annoyed cause they ended up staying late, and the tenant is happy as he got what he want by shouting.

You better believe I’m going to check today if he does work for housing and report his behaviour to my manager so he can get reprimanded.

Sorry, just needed a rant as I’m still annoyed.

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