She tried to game the system

Hi guys! I work in insurance, and have so many stories to tell, but I’ll start with this one:

A little background- if you miss a bill, my company will give you a few days to pay before they send out a cancellation notice. The customer has 14 days to pay it, and then if they call, they’ll have 3 more days to pay it and then they’ll cut it off. So essentially, they give you a lot of wiggle room on your bill.

This customer wrote a bad check and paid her bill on the very last day she could pay. Of course the company figured it out and canceled her service. That’s when I get the call:

C= Customer

Me: Generic message at the beginning how can I help you?

C= The DMV is fining me because they say I don’t have insurance, can you send me proof of coverage?

Me= (I already see her policy is canceled) Let me bring up your policy and see what’s going on!

(I see a note on her account saying she bounced a check, so her account was backdated to the day she tried to pay.)

Me= Ma’am your account was closed on date due to non-payment. So I can only provide coverage to that day, does that work?

C= What do you mean? I paid my bill! Now the DMV is charging me $500 a day! This is your fault! You need to fix it!(They’ve probably charged her thousands at this point.)

Me= Cringing Ma’am it looks like the check you used could not be processed for insufficient funds, so you’ll need to reopen your policy and present that to the DMV. Fortunately, you can avoid further fines if you reopen today! (Internally begging so I can transfer her to sales and get her off my phone.)

C= Hysterical anger I’m going to sue your company! This is illegal! All you guys want is my money! Let me speak to your manager, this is unacceptable! You’re taking advantage of me!

Me= Ma’am of course I’ll let you speak to my supervisor, however she will give you the same information. The best option is to reopen your account.

C= What if I pay the bill today, then can I have proof of insurance?

Me= (That’s not how that works) No ma’am, your account is closed, you’ll have to start a new policy.


I transferred her SO fast, but of course my supervisor told her the same thing, and she sent her to sales. She ended up owing us big money and obviously the DMV.

Just pay your bill like an adult! All the money she could have saved if she had paid her bill on time.

Thanks for reading!

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But I’ve paid all my bills on time!

Why WOULDN’T you check on something like that???