Need to get this off my chest

I work for a credit card company in their call center in the customer service department. I’ve been here for 7 months now, and I have to say…

The customers aren’t always stellar. I’d say 90% are neutral, 5% have the potential to make your day and the other 5% are the assholes everyone vents about on this subreddit. It’s repetitive, that one 5% asshole call can ruin your day, and sometimes the grading systems and stat side of it all seems cold and unfair when the grading dept just so happens to listen to that one call you know you lost your cool on. But, having all that been said;

I really love it here. This is my first call center job, and going in for the interview I knew I needed the job, but I didn’t know if I wanted it. I had heard all the typical horror stories of working in a call center, like how taxing, stressful and unappreciated an agent can feel in that environment – and there’s truth to those horror stories, I know, because I have old friends who work in those environments. But here’s the thing; I think I lucked the fuck out with my CCC with them being a small exception to the call center norm.

They pay well (though, to be fair, most call centers have to). They have a psychiatrist and multiple medical professionals on site throughout the week. A gym that’s $20 a month for full access membership. Of course they have health, vision and dental insurance as well.

But the shining star here is leadership; or at least for my team. They’re exceptional – they check in on agents who seem distressed or even just tired and ask them what they can do to make them feel better. They often say, “(we) know that if you guys are feeling good, so will our customers.”

As an example, one of my friends was dealing with a particularly horrible customer, and afterwards my team leadership got her her favorite venti frappe and gathered around her to tell her how well she did and that they were proud of her. Basically, a shit ton of positive reinforcement when my friend was obviously very distraught.

My team is really close with one another, and when new agents were added to our team a couple weeks ago, they were welcomed with open arms and quickly added to our group dynamic. We support each other, help each other when we need it, and have fun while we do so. I’ve made so many good friends here I would have never met were it not for this CCC.

I know this isn’t the usual for this subreddit, but sometimes I find myself focusing so much on the stress and bad callers that I nearly forget all the wonderful good that this job has brought to my life. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate that before I go into work tomorrow, on a Saturday, and get all the shitty customers that wait ’til the weekend to get XYZ done on their cards.

Oh! And one last thank you to this subreddit. Posting about my bad calls here has really minimized the stress I have about taking them, and seeing all your supportive comments helps me reaffirm that I’m not in the wrong in those situations. So thank you for existing, r/talesfromcallcenters! I appreciate you.

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