Wireless internet don’t work with magic

So I used to take calls at an ISP. As you can guess all my calls were problematic since people act like someone butchered their puppy in front of them when their internet doesn’t work. But some people are so clueless about how internet works it was appalling.

Anyway. One afternoon I get a call. The customer says the internet is out. I get his info, check and tell him the internet is out because a fiber optic cable has been broken in his area. I inform him that our field team is working on it and the internet will come back online shortly.

He goes ballistic.

Mr. Douchebag: how can a cable be broken when I have wireless internet?

I literally pause in shock and awe of the question I’ve been just asked to.

I try to articulate an answer in my head without telling the customer what a massive retard he is.

He asks the same question again.

Me: Mr. Douchebag wireless internet doesn’t mean that there is no cables involved in your internet supply.

Mr. Douchebag: Then why call it Wireless? [Your company] are liars. I’ll cancel my subscriptions if you don’t send a tech immediately (like chill out moron. It’s 7 pm ain’t no tech will be sent to your home at this hour)

I try to explain him how wireless internet works. That internet comes all the way to his home through fiberoptic cables to his modem and “wireless” signals eminate from his modem, hence why it’s called wireless.

He goes on a tangent, says he doesn’t believe me. Threatens to sue the company. Threatens to sue me and file a complaint.

I’m not sure how long the call lasted but it was well over 30 minutes. I finally hung up on him. He called back immediately (someone else from my team picked it up) and filed a complaint on me. Obviously nothing came of it. I checked back his profile a couple hours later and internet in his area had came back.

CC destroyed my faith in humanity. Why do people have to be such dicks?

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